Alaska State Troopers Sting Sex Trafficking Victim

In 2014 a woman dialed 911 in Anchorage and said she was a victim of sex trafficking. Months later, the Special Crimes Investigative Unit (which focuses on sex trafficking) flew to her home town where she was working independently and booked an appointment with her. This is their recording of what followed:

Unfortunately they did not record the beginning of the encounter and had their recorder outside the room, so the recording is a little fuzzy.  Here is a transcript:

Sex trafficking victim: “Cause I didn’t hurt you, you know? And {…] you’re not going to hurt me. [moan]”
Investigator DeCoeur: “Oh I wouldn’t.”
Victim: “[moaning] Maybe I […] wouldn’t hurt me.”
DeCoeur: “Ok so maybe if we hook up tomorrow then I can get the full-meal deal out?”
Victim: “Oh […] yeah you turn me on!”
DeCoeur: “I’ve never had that.”
Victim: “Really?”
DeCoeur: “Oh baby I’ve never had that before! Can you feel my heart beat? (laughing)”
Victim: “Mmmhmm.”
DeCoeur: “[chuckle] Oh, well listen.”
Victim: “What?”
DeCoeur:  I’m going to give you a gift.
Victim: “K.”
DeCoeur: “Here’s $300.”
Victim: “Yeah.”
DeCoeur: “Oh thank you [big exhale]. Oh Lord you don’t know… (microphone interference)
New male opens door: “State troopers.”
Second new male: “Hands”