CUSP (Community United for Safety and Protection) comprises current and former sex workers, sex trafficking survivors, and allies united in our mission to promote safety and protection within Alaska’s sex industry.

Together, we advocate for equal rights and access to legal protections and public services, creating viable positive changes at individual and legislative levels. Through education and awareness, we strive to create a safer and more equitable environment for all involved in the sex industry.

You can play an essential role in our efforts by purchasing our merchandise. Each item in our collection not only symbolizes unity and empowerment but also contributes directly to our initiatives. The funds generated from merchandise sales enable us to continue educating, advocating, and effecting positive change within our community. Whether you wear our stylish t-shirts, sip your tea in one of our coffee mugs or display our empowering stickers, your support helps us work towards a stronger, protected future for everyone in Alaska’s sex industry.

Join us in our journey towards a safer and more compassionate environment.

Together, we can make a difference.

CUSP is a collective of sex workers, trafficking survivors, and allies working for safety in Alaska’s sex industry. We advocate for equal rights, offer support, and raise awareness. Buying our merchandise directly supports our initiatives, making a difference in creating a safer and empowered community.

Join us in this vital mission.