Terra: Do you want to say a little about your experience in sex work in Alaska?

D: Well, I’ve been around. (laughs)

Terra: Okay, well, just so people know: You’re definitely a qualified expert on this topic.

D: I’d say so.

Terra: What do you think Alaskans need to know about sex work?

D: It’s a difficult business.  There is a lot of competition.  A person has to be a marketing expert, a PR whiz, and a therapist just to get by.  Not to mention a fitness freak.  I used to spend two hours a day working out!

So.  You sell copy machines or vacation homes?  Our jobs are similar.

Terra: It sounds like you’d like people to have more respect for people who do sex work, for the amount of skill it takes.

D: Right.  I think that’s the hardest thing about it, is the way society looks down on us.

Terra: What would you tell Alaskans about sex trafficking?  How often does it happen?  Have you seen it?

D: Things are a lot different now than they were thirty years ago.  That was a different time, with the pimps.  Now…some of the girls that come to town from way out are naive.  I see them getting into the business to get away from their men, more than anything.  You know, anything that you can imagine, people will do to each other.  But it’s very…I think we self-regulate a lot.

Terra: So what do you think about all this sex trafficking that’s been talked about in the media?

D: Well it’s like I’ve told you, some men are very angry that we make more money than them without having to go to college or anything.  I have a fourth grade education, but I used to make more than my accountant.

Terra: Do you want to say anything about us being able to go to the police for help?

D: We can’t.  I have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for hurting or killing a whore.  Even Hansen didn’t get in trouble until he accidentally killed a politician’s daughter.