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Alaska needs to stop prioritizing incarceration over education in effort to reduce sex trafficking

In Alaska, immunity can catch killers

Duke Law: Times Up

NSWP: Alaska May Expand the Definition of Sexual Assault to Include Police Officers Who Engage in Sexual Activity with Sex Workers Before Arresting Them It’s Perfectly Legal for Cops to Trick Prostitutes into Having Sex With Them. Meet the Women Behind the Fight To Change This

Glamour: Alaska Cops Defend Their ‘Right’ to Sexual Contact with Sex Workers Before Arresting Them

AK Public Media: New Measure Gives Immunity to Sex Workers Reporting Crimes

Reason: Alaska Cops Fight for the Right to Sexually Exploit Prostitution Suspects

Alaska Police: We Need to Have ‘Sexual Contact’ With Sex Workers

ADN: Bills to Ban Police Sexual Contact With Prostitutes They Investigate Met with Opposition

AK Public Media: Proposed Legislation to Criminalize Police Sexual Contact with Sex Workers During Investigations

Broadly: Police are Allegedly Sleeping with Sex Workers Before Arresting Them

KTUU: Protection for Sex Workers Proposed for Those Who Report Crimes

Anchorage Press: Policing the Oldest Profession

SWS Podcast: Fighting the Trafficking Narrative from Alaska to Rhode Island

AK Public Radio: Easier Reporting Could Reduce Violence Against Sex Workers

KTVA: Legal Loophole Allows Police To Have Sex With Prostitutes

Juneau Empire: Former Sex Workers Seek Protection For Sex Workers

Anchorage Press: 602 Imaginary prostitutes were arrested in Alaska in 2013 according to the FBI  February, 2016

Forcing sex workers into the hidden economy will not keep them safe September, 2015

This mini-documentary about us was named as the best sex worker documentary of 2014 by Tits and Sass:

Amber Batts Case Sheds Light on Alaska’s Struggles with Sex Trafficking September, 2015

In Alaska, Not All ‘Sex Traffickers’ Are Sex Traffickers August, 2015

Alaskan Escort-Service Owner Amber Batts Gets Five Years Prison for ‘Sex Trafficking’ August, 2015

Sex workers want this major sex trafficker set free August, 2015

Woman pleads guilty to running a sex-trafficking ring, sentenced to 5 1/2 years August, 2015

The State Is A Trafficker: Why Alaska Arrested Amber Batts August, 2015

Safety in the Sex Industry January 2015

The Dangers of Sex Work in Alaska: Is the State Helping or Hurting Sex Workers December 2014

Alaska’s Prostitution Law Isn’t Working December 2014

Is the State of Alaska Fighting Sex Trafficking or Targeting Women? November 2014

Alaska Declares Open Season on Sex Workers September 2014 – About the time we tried to report sex trafficking (their definition) to the police.

Trafficking Laws: Abetting Violence Against Sex Workers December 2013

Advocacy group hopes to rewrite Alaska’s sex trafficking laws, make sex workers safer December 2013

Terra Lobbying in Juneau:

Masters of Sex and the ongoing stigma of sex research July 2015

Alaska sex workers use crowd funding to hire lobbyist February 2015

Sex worker group seeks to fund lobbyist in Juneau February 2015

Sex workers raise money to fund lobbyist February 2015

To Fund Lobbying Effort, Sex Worker Advocates Turn to Internet February 2015

Sex worker advocate in Juneau lobbying for change to Alaska law February 2015

2014 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers