Let’s talk about sex trafficking in Alaska!

In Alaska, we’ve been talking about sex trafficking for a few years. When I say “we,” I mean our legislators, law enforcement, religious groups, and social service agencies – but I’m not part of that “we.”

Those of us affected by the laws have been talking too. But we haven’t been invited to the conversations. People have written reports and recommendations about us, but if we try to make recommendations or share our wealth of experiences we could be arrested.

Did you know the sex trafficking laws that are supposed to protect workers in the sex trade are being used to target us? That trafficking victims have been charged with trafficking themselves? That criminals are encouraged to target sex workers because the police rarely respond to our reports?

My name is Tera. I’m a grad student and a retired sex worker of 15+ years. I made this website to bring you real information about sex trafficking in Alaska and the voices of the people that are being talked about.

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