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Our event for the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers was awesome! The social justice committee at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship donated the space, and it was perfect. Here’s all the media, in case you missed some:

An article in the Atlantic about the research and Alaska’s issues in general:

Real investigative reporting in Alaska!:

Our three minutes of fame on KTVA: (we’re about 3 minutes in)

And channel 11:

Did you see us on the Laura Flander Show yet? Tits and Sass called it the most honest sex worker documentary of 2014! Here’s the link in case you missed it:

Terra wrote a preliminary report about her research. Most dramatically, it shows the difference between the way “the system” treats sex workers and people who the law classifies as sex trafficking victims. Those classified as victims of sex trafficking are turned away from emergency shelter, sexually assaulted by police officers, and don’t have their reports taken by police officers at a much higher rate than other sex workers. Download the report here:

You can give us money now! We’re still working on a Kickstarter or something similar (any recommendations?) but for now you can walk into any Credit Union 1 and make a deposit into the account for Community United for Safety and Protection. Help us get to Juneau, get a phone number, get our own crisis centers, and change the world!