CUSP Applauds Podcaster in Epic Review of Harmful Narratives

Today, the Community United For Safety and Protection (CUSP) would like to commend Chris Sowa, podcaster of Sex With Strangers, for his time and attention in addressing the false and misleading narrative of sex trafficking that leads to incalculable harm to sex trafficking victims in Episode 26: Fighting the Trafficking Narrative from Alaska to Rhode Island.

Sowa’s top to bottom review of the sex trafficking narrative as it’s been sold to the American public as well as across the globe dispels false and misleading information. The two hour epically reported in depth show features interviews with researchers and current and former sex workers and sex trafficking victims across the nation, including following Maxine Doogan and Terra Burns lobbying for anti-violence legislation in Juneau. A year in the making, the podcast features interviews of researchers shows how those in their profession routinely use outrageous research methodology and pre-disposed agendas to fabricate untruths used by religious and “radical feminist” lobbies to pass overbroad, poorly worded legislation like Alaska’s 2012 sex trafficking law. The show follows sex workers fighting against bad legislation which harm them even though it is typically crafted in their name. Alaskan activists and the recently enacted Senate Bill 91 are featured prominantly in this internationally distributed show. Sex With Strangers can be found on most podcast platforms and at