How to apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for Sex Workers in Alaska

How to apply for Unemployment Insurance for self employed Alaskans who lost their income due to the pandemic:

1. These instructions were current at the end of April. There may be changes in the coming weeks.

2. You’re going to create or log into your myAlaska ( and file a regular uninsurance claim. You will eventually get a denial, ignore this.

3. Every week you *must* update your income from the week before in the regular unemployment system.

4. After you apply for regular uninsurance, go into the Unemployment part of your myAlaska and click File for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. You can not do this until you do the regular application.

5. You will need some sort of proof of income. If you don’t get 1099s, you can use your schedule C income from your 2019 taxes. If you haven’t done your 2019 taxes yet you can still do them for free online through h&r block.

6. When the application is complete, email your proof of income. Try to include your unemployment ID number, which starts with part of your social security number. The email addresses are: and

Here are some helpful screenshots: